1. Woo!

    Update! Vodka just started kicking in, all is improving. Took a half fucking bottle and like four fucking hours tho, shitty ass off-brand vodka.

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    please. stop praying for my grandpa!!!! you are making him too strong. he broke out of the hospital and the cops cant get him. he’s too powerful


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    Vodka Night!

    Well, tonight has become a vodka and cigarettes night. I hoped to get more done, but there you go- the stars aligned, the gods moved their pieces across the game board of infinity, and that’s just what tonight is.

    Feeling an enormous yawning gulf of emptiness again- drink is good, and books, films and shows definitely help. I’ve learned not to expect my personal happiness and satisfaction to be the responsibility of other people, and while that’s a good and a strong lesson it’s not a happy one. It’s tough, and the work goes on sorting all of these disparate strands of thought into a neat skein.

    One thing I should do is write more- so I can record what I’m doing and keep track of my progress. That’s what this is. By keeping it here, I can’t ignore what I’ve put down or conveniently lose it- tumblr is just a handy repository and nothing more.

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    I like that Dredd is the story of two women from a similar background who stand on either side of a personification of the law. They are the only two characters who receive any detail in their backstories and have arcs, while Judge Dredd himself is a faceless automaton that they relate to in different ways. I like that both of them are depicted as warping and undermining sexual violence towards them. Anderson is notable for being fairly in control of her psychic ability (unlike the wincing Jean Grey of the X-Men movies) but never portrayed as a generic badass.

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    We loved each other, just never at the same time.
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    Mae West (yay!) and Cary Grant in She Done Him Wrong  (Lowell Sherman, 1933)


    That’s the lady I named a heroine after. ;)

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    I love when cats decide they love something.

    That is a very patient bunny.

    it is terrified

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Michael: Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?
For British Eyes Only - 3x02
submission by underscorex


    Michael: Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?

    For British Eyes Only - 3x02

    submission by underscorex